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Interested in Becoming a Part of the Park Ur Paws Family?🐾

Dear Prospective Team Member,

Thank you for expressing interest in joining our team here at Park Ur Paws. We appreciate your enthusiasm for working with animals and understand the importance of finding the right fit for both you and our facility. Before proceeding, we want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of what the role entails.

At Park Ur Paws, our primary focus is on providing top-notch care for our clients' beloved pets while they are away. This means that our busiest times coincide with summer vacations and holidays. Please be aware that we cannot accommodate extended time off during these peak periods.
Given the nature of our business, flexibility is key. Our operational hours may vary, including weekends and evenings, to meet the needs of our furry guests. Dependability in this regard is paramount, as the welfare of the animals under our care is our top priority.

It's essential that our team members have a genuine love for animals. While cuddling cute puppies and kittens is undoubtedly a perk, the role entails much more, including cleaning, feeding, administering medications, and ensuring the overall well-being of our guests.
Working in our facility exposes you to various challenges, including mess, loud noises, chemicals, and the risk of bites or scratches. Your willingness to handle these challenges with professionalism and care is crucial.
Additionally, versatility is valued here. You'll be expected to perform a range of tasks, from basic cleaning to specialized care. If you're uncomfortable with the less glamorous aspects of the job or have physical limitations that hinder tasks like lifting, this may not be the right fit.

We're seeking individuals who are mature, responsible, and capable of independent action. While guidance and support are available, self-motivation and the ability to take initiative are highly valued qualities in our team members.

Our commitment to excellence extends to our staff, and we expect the same level of dedication from all team members. If you're ready to make this commitment and embrace the challenges and rewards of working with us, we encourage you to proceed with your job application.

Thank you for considering Park Ur Paws as a potential employer. We look forward to reviewing your application and, hopefully, welcoming you to our team.

Management 🐾