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Q: I have a dog and a cat who are very friendly. Can they board together?
A: Cats and dogs must be kept in separate areas since they require different kinds of care. Also, cat enclosures are not structured the same as dog runs.

Q: Why is my pet so nervous when I drop him off at the kennel?
A: There could be several reasons why your pet is nervous. First and foremost, when you are nervous, your pet knows it and is on alert to be nervous too. Remember dogs, do not have extensive language capabilities and therefore rely on you and your emotional state. Secondly, dogs, like people, have generalized anxiety when traveling to a new and unknown place. We try everything in our power to make your pet feel comfortable and enjoy their stay.

Q: What exercise do you provide?
A: Dogs are taken out to potty three times a day after each feeding. They are exercised individually in our potty yards. You can schedule extra activities for your dog, such as individual walks and plays, one on one and/or additional potty breaks/walks. We also offer monitored group play for both boarders and daycare dogs (requires daycare evaluation by one of our staff).

Q: Should my pet be bathed or brushed during its stay?
A: Even in our clean facility, pets pick up odor from playing outside or in the water. We recommend an exit bath upon departure.  However, you may set up an appointment with our salon to have your pet professionally done before pickup. If coat care is extremely important to you and your pet we suggest adding on our daily brush out.

Q: May guests bring their own bed & toys?
A: Absolutely! We recommend bringing their bed and toys (limit 2 toys please) while they are staying at the kennel. Having their own personal items helps them to acclimate to the kennel.

Q: Should I bring my pet's regular food?
A: We provide a quality dry food for your pet. However,If your pet is: 1) on a special diet, 2) is aging, 3) is a puppy, 4) has a sensitive stomach, or 5) is very picky, we recommend bringing your food from home, including anything "special" that you do to get them to eat. If they have a hard time eating for you, it is likely that they will have a harder time eating for us. It is very important to us that our guests eat while they stay here.  We provide necessary food and water bowls, so there is no need to bring with you.

Q: Should I be concerned about changing diets while boarding my pet?
A: Bringing food from home gives your dog a sense of familiarity and will sometimes help the dog eat better while you are away. Senior pets and puppies do not tolerate diet change very well; sometimes it causes stomach upset or refusal to eat. If you think that your pet is going to have difficulty with a diet change, it is best to bring his own diet. Our staff will feed your diet according to your instructions.

Q: Is it normal for my pet to behave differently just after boarding?
A: Your pet knows they have been away from home for a while. Most pets will eat, drink, and sleep more than usual. There's been a lot to see and do!  Some pets will even show signs of mild intestinal upset. Mostly these issues are emotional and should clear up within a day or so..

Q: Will my cat get to exercise outside?
A: Unfortunately, we do not have an outdoor cat enclosure with a roof. They must remain indoors due to the fact that they could escape quite easily.

Q: What about the medications or supplements that my dog gets at home?
A: All medications and supplements that you give your dog at home daily should be brought to the kennel so that we may continue the administration of these medications and supplements. Any change in the prescribed dose should be brought to our attention.
Any time sensitive medication must be administered at the same interval as given at home, so it is important for you to provide us with that information.

Q: Do I need to bring any personal belongings for my pet?
A: We can provide the bedding that your pet may need, however, sometimes they feel better if they have their own. Your pet can also bring up to two toys. We will ask you to take personal leashes and collars with you after drop-off.
Please bring your cat in a carrier. You may leave the carrier here for the duration of the stay.

Q: Can both of my dogs share a kennel?
A: Yes they can, however, they must be compatible at all times. We  do not have the ability to separate them during feeding times. If you have more than 2 dogs, please call us and we will discuss with you the most comfortable setup for your dogs.

Q: What is included with the boarding price?
A: All guests have climate controlled areas and access to clean, fresh water twenty-four hours a day. For dogs, the boarding price includes two feedings daily and a potty time after each feeding and one in between. For cats, the boarding price includes two feedings daily and a clean litter box.

Q: What is Park Ur Paws Pet Cancellation Policy?
All Park Ur Paws Pet reservations are subject to our 7 day cancellation policy, including same-day reservations that are cancelled.  If you cancel your reservation within seven days of check-in, you will be charged a cancellation fee. 

The cancellation fee is equal to the cost of one night’s boarding for each kennel reserved which is being cancelled.  A current credit card number and expiration date is required in order to confirm each reservation – this is the card against which the cancellation fee will be charged.