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 We would like to thank you for showing an interest in working here. However, we have found in the past that many people do not have a very realistic view of what working in a place like this involves. Please read this letter carefully.

First, you need to understand that the primary purpose of this facility is to take care of other people’s pets when they have to go out of town / work. This means that during the summer and around all holidays we are at our busiest. WE CANNOT ALLOW MUCH TIME OFF DURING THESE PERIODS ! Think about this very important fact now. If you have to spend Christmas day with your family, this is not the job for you. In addition, since this business is seasonal in nature, you can expect your hours or days to vary according to our needs. The pets must be cared for 7 days a week, so weekend work and evening work is a MUST. We realize that working under these conditions can be pretty difficult for some people, but that is the nature of the business and your DEPENDABILITY in this area is critical. If you don’t think you can be that flexible, you should really seek employment elsewhere.

If you do not have a genuine love of animals, you do not need to be here. But keep in mind that we are seeking people who are mature enough to understand and accept the responsibilities we will place on them. You are NOT going to be paid to sit around and play with cute little puppies & kitties all day. Someone has to clean up after them, feed them, administer medications, and see to their comfort and security. This requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

While working here you will be exposed to: filth, loud noises, harsh chemicals, a variety of parasites and zoonosis (medical ailments that people can acquire from animals) and the ever present risk of being bitten, scratched or mauled. These are the potential hazards you face and accept by working here.

You should also know that with very few exceptions there are NO specialists here. You will be expected to perform any task we require of you. We will try to make the best use of your skills and experience, but don’t expect to be exempt from the more mundane and unpleasant chores that need to be performed. Floors need to be mopped, cages cleaned, trash cans emptied, and feces cleaned up. If you get ill at the idea of cleaning up diarrhea or vomit, then you are in the wrong place. If you can’t pick up a 50 pound bag of food by yourself, this isn’t the right place for you. If you are allergic to animal hair or sensitive to chemicals, now is the time to leave.

We are looking for mature, responsible people. You must be reliable, patient, intelligent, and capable of independent action. If you have to be constantly supervised, or you cannot find things to do on your own, then you are not the person we are looking for.

We take our profession very seriously. If you wish to work here, then you must too. If you can make this commitment, then proceed to fill out your job application.

Thank you,


Park Ur Paws

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