10 Visits   =   $320


Half Day

Full Day

Park Ur Paws features inside and outside play areas so rain or shine your pup will always be entertained.  We offer different types of toys and amenities and plenty of beds for those who may need a break.  We have treat time and fresh water is of course always available.  Each area is monitored by dedicated staff to ensure each guest has a fun and safe experience.  We are sensitive to dogs that may not socialize well in groups or have the same activity level as maybe our senior dogs.

For those guest we have private areas where a member of our staff can spend one on one time with them.  There is something for every dog at Park Ur Paws!

What does your dog do all day?  Chew your sofa?  Chew your favorite pair of shoes?  Lay around chewing themselves with boardum and anxiety waiting for you to return home?

Here at Park Ur Paws your dog will have the opportunity to expend all that extra energy and anxiety and be happy to see you at days end, and you'll be happy and relaxed too!  And not feel guilty you want to sit and watch TV after a long work day.

All dogs that join our daycare will have ample opportunity for wrestling, cooling off, fetching, running, napping, and meeting new friends.

All of our guests have the opportunity to take naps to re-energize, or snack on a mid-day meal.  Whatever it is that your pooch prefers, he/she will be nothing short of socialized, exercised, and content by days end.  Which will be a good thing for you both!

2nd Dog

10 Visits   =   $220

* Full Day hours are 8am-4pm 
* Daycare is offered by appointment only

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Tues - Fri. 8 am - 4 pm

Sat, 8 am - 3 pm

Sun & Mon Closed

3rd Dog

*Pre-paid packages do not expire but are non transferable



Daily Rates

1st Dog


20 Visits   =   $400

Pre-Paid Daycare Packages

Requirements for Play

  • Verification of shots (by licensed veterinarian)
  • Pet registration form
  • Pet evaluation to be done before your pets play
  • Daycare information & release form
  • Pets must be non aggressive and be spayed/neutered(one on one play is available for a fee for those who are not)



Full Day


20 Visits   =   $580

Park Ur Paws  

Daily Rates


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